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What is the core purpose of ASPE?

ASPE advances primary education through professional collaboration and action.

What does ASPE aim for?

  • independent and informed commentary on major issues
  • productive professional collaboration
  • independent research and reflection
  • the enhancement of practice
  • dissemination of information

Who can join ASPE?

  • Students / Trainees
  • NQT’s / Teachers
  • Headteachers
  • Primary advisors and strategy consultants
  • University and college lecturers and researchers
  • independent education consultants
  • Primary education specialists working regionally, nationally and internationally

What do ASPE Members get if they join?

  • Subscription to the ASPE international journal and Education 3-13
  • priority booking for ASPE conferences and events
  • opportunity to participate in national and regional ASPE activities and initiatives
  • copies of the ASPE bulletin and Education 3-13 including online access
  • to support teachers and others with local research to promote critical reflective practice within and beyond settings
  • opportunities to join study days and groups
  • partnerships with others in the production of well informed and reflecive primary practice

Does ASPE have a set of agreed objectives?

The objects are to advance the education of young children by promoting the development of primary education through:

  • promoting and fostering the development of informed and reflective study of primary education, including pre-school as well as the legally designated primary phase
  • bringing together and promoting collaboration within and between the various constituencies involved in primary education
  • holding such courses and conferences for those concerned with primary education
  • providing informed and independent information and commentary on policy issues
  • encouraging with a broad view of the forms and methods which those studying primary education might adopt, the practices and issues on which they might focus, and the institutional contexts in which study might be pursed
  • publishing materials suitable for promoting the above objectives.

Does ASPE have Registered Charity Status?

Yes – ASPE is a registered charity.